Mariah Carey's Twitter hacked by group claiming to be the same that hijacked Jack Dorsey's

Nothing kicks the holiday season to the curb like hacking the Queen of Christmas.

Noam Galai/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Something... truly obscene just happened on Mariah Carey's Twitter feed. A little before 6:30 p.m. ET on New Year's Eve (you know, right about when some of us are trying to log off and enjoy life), the official Twitter account of the Songbird Supreme began excessively posting some questionable content. That includes multiple digs at rapper Eminem and his family, and some concerning photos and videos of clearly underage kids. Several posts also included racial slurs. In other words, Mariah got hacked.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the hack to Input and says the company is investigating what went down. Carey's account has been locked in the meantime.


But who? — From the moment the influx of posts started cluttering our Twitter feeds, there was no question it was a cyberattack. But, just who is behind it and how they accessed the account is still unclear. In several tweets, however, hackers claim to be part of Chuckling Squad — a hacker collective previously linked to attacks on other celebrities and even Twitter's own CEO, Jack Dorsey. Whether that's really the case has yet to be determined.

The hackers also shared links to a Chuckling Squad Discord server, following the design of previous attacks. Chuckling Squad is known to exploit SMS to flood individual Twitter accounts with vile (ok sometimes kind of hilarious) content. Whoever it is, why Mariah — could y'all just let her live?