Lego artist recreates Giuliani's Four Seasons press conference

The infamous debacle of a presser gets the childish caricature it deserves.


Earlier this month, Rudy Giuliani publicly made a complete ass of himself. Well, perhaps we should be more specific: He made an ass of himself (again) at an embarrassing, hastily assembled press conference in the parking lot of the confusingly-named Four Seasons Total Landscaping. For the sake of time and sanity, we won't bother to detail all the completely false conspiracy theories, baseless accusations of electoral fraud, and various other degradations of democracy America's Mayor ranted to reporters over the course of the event; just trust us that it was a batshit affair. And, now for posterity's sake, immortalized in Lego form to give the sordid affair the cartoonish sheen it truly deserves.

Designed by talented Lego artist, Ochre Jelly, the miniature mise en scène painstakingly recreates the event (at least by our recollection), including a rogue's gallery of villains like stormtroopers, a Creeper from Minecraft, and one of those green pirate pigs from Angry Birds. Realistically, they're the only characters left to fill Trump's (never gonna happen) second-term cabinet, anyway. "THIS IS DEFINITELY WHAT WINNING LOOKS LIKE!" reads Ochre's caption. We couldn't agree more. There's even fake packaging for the fictional Lego set, including little shoutouts like the 538 pieces. Check out some closer looks at the diorama below.

For more pure-hearted, blocky wonders, you could always hack your very own, functional mini NES console, or try out the badass, official Ecto-1 model. Hell, it's a better use of your time than paying attention to Trump's continuing fail-spiral... unless you're helping shut down his election fraud hotline. Then, by all means, proceed with our approval.