Lady Gaga's new 'Stupid Love' music video was shot entirely on iPhone 11 Pro

Freak out, freak out, freak out.

Mother Monster finally dropped ‘Stupid Love’ on Friday, ringing in the return to dance-pop we’ve anxiously been awaiting (though let’s be real, we’ve already been listening to the leaked version for months.) It’s fun, it’s brilliantly — intentionally — tacky, and apparently, it’s shot entirely on iPhone 11 Pro.

In behind the scenes photos from Lady Gaga’s desert shoot, you can see multiple iPhones suited up in the steadicam like a true film camera. The team also used a professional scale drone fitted with the smartphones. And of course, some views were simply shot using the handheld alone.

"It was an interesting crossover in that respect between using the phones in a very true-world way in terms of the capture technology but plugging them into the kind of apparatus of a much larger scale shoot," director Daniel Askill said.

"We used all three of the rear cameras but we were mainly alternating between Wide and Telephoto, and running two frame rates at the same time. We were shooting everything at 4K for almost all of the takes and would have one camera at 24fps with a second camera sitting right underneath the main camera at 48fps for a bit of slow-mo."


‘Stupid Love’ isn’t the first to do it — There are tons of examples of high-profile shoots that relied on Apple’s flagship smartphones. Selena Gomez’s "Lose You To Love Me" music video, which was released last fall, was also shot using iPhone 11 Pro. At this point, it’s kind of expected that filmmakers would be taking advantage of smartphone technology, especially considering how good iPhone 11 Pro’s triple-camera array is.

According to Askill, the team had "a few of them going at once,” untethered by heavy gear. "We were able to capture an amount of coverage in a loose, fun way that we wouldn’t have usually been able to." We love it.