Lady Gaga rallies tech developers to 'build a solution' in global fight against COVID-19

The call to action is for IBM’s Call for Code Global Challenge.

Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lady Gaga did a promo for IBM and naturally, it slaps. The award-winning singer and actress released a video on the IBM Developer Twitter account on Tuesday in which she called on developers and other “tech rock stars” to work on solutions to the coronavirus pandemic. The video is part of the promotion for IBM’s annual Call for Code Global Challenge.

Gaga for tech — Gaga is no stranger to the tech world, particularly when it intersects with her art. The former creative director for Polaroid famously shot her most recent music video on an iPhone 11 Pro.

This promo benefits IBM’s code challenge, which generally focuses on climate change solutions with a particular interest in natural disaster response lately. This year, the challenge pivots to COVID-19 in an effort to inspire innovation amid the pandemic. Developers will have to move quickly since the top three solutions will be announced on May 5.