Kanye West says he had a vision for a 'Christian' TikTok: 'Jesus Tok'

Yeah, okay.

Arnold Jerocki/GC Images/Getty Images

Like the Joker once said in The Dark Knight, "And here we go." Kanye West is back at it again with some amusing thoughts on technology and internet culture, and this time they're all about one of the most controversial companies of the moment: TikTok. In a tweet earlier on Monday, West said he had a mental image for — wait for it — a "Christian" version of the popular social media app. "A VISION JUST CAME TO ME... JESUS TOK," he said. "I WAS WATCHING [TIKTOK] WITH MY DAUGHTER AND AS A CHRISTIAN FATHER I WAS DISTURBED BY A LOT OF THE CONTENT BUT I COMPLETELY LOVED THE TECHNOLOGY."

"Jesus Tok" — It's unclear what part of the "technology" West was referring to, but it likely had to do with the company's revered (and creepy?) "For You" algorithm, a system that combines artificial intelligence with machine learning to tailor hyperspecific content to everyone who uses the app. TikTok, which West's friend President Trump is threatening to ban in the U.S due to "security" concerns," is a hit among teens and younger kids that have found a more entertaining alternative to Instagram or Snapchat — and it has such tremendous clout with those crowds that Facebook, perhaps out of fear, decided to launch a clone of it called "Reels."

Unlike the wild, Chewbacca-looking Yeezy prototypes that West shares on Twitter, which will probably come to life in the near future, his idea of a Jesus Tok service seems a little more far fetched. West says a lot of random, unfounded things, we know that much, but his latest seems to suggest that Jesus Tok wouldn't be an app of its own but rather a feature inside TikTok that's "Christian monitored"? That said, considering how Trump is basically warning that he'll do whatever he wants with TikTok, who's to say Kanye couldn't give the President a call and the two of them can figure out a way to turn this idea into reality?

A Yeezy tech collab? — "WE PRAY WE CAN COLLABORATE WITH [TIKTOK] TO MAKE A CHRISTIAN MONITORED VERSION THAT FEELS SAFE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN AND THE WORLD," West added on Twitter. "IN JESUS NAME AMEN." To Kanye's credit, TikTok may not be the safest place on the internet for kids and teenagers, who can be exposed to mature and other age-inappropriate content on the app — though you could say the same about basically every social media app, including Snapchat, Instagram, and, of course, Facebook.

The problem with West's logic is that he seemingly wants to take his "vision" the religious route, and that's an idea you simply can't just impose on any private company, even if one of your best friends (Trump) is doing everything in his power to manipulate it. But, whether we like it or not, that's Kanye West. He's going to throw his bizarre ideas out there and see what sticks, so don't be surprised when he starts to double down on making Jesus Tok happen — who knows, maybe he'll get his other powerful friend Elon Musk to publicly back his idea? It is 2020, after all, where nothing is impossible because what even is life anymore.