Japan's Super Nintendo World now has a cute train to nowhere

The passenger train is decked out in some very adorable Mario and Luigi art. Too bad its destination is off-limits.

For every one step Super Nintendo World takes towards finally opening its doors, it feels like it then immediately takes two steps back. We've been hearing and seeing about Universal Studio Japan's theme park for quite some time now, but COVID-19 has pushed back the technicolor dreamland's opening multiple times. At this point, there isn't even a definite premiere date anymore, which is... upsetting, to say the least. We here at Input are devastated, quite frankly.

Instead of laying low until a more firm timeline can be given, however, Universal Studios Japan and Nintendo are content to continue toying with our damn hearts. Case in point: this new Super Nintendo World-themed train that — one glorious day — will transport passengers directly to the park.

Nintendo / Universal Studios Japan

Fresh exterior, standard interior — Unfortunately, the Nintendo-themed train's decorations only extend so far as its outer sidings. Inside, passengers will be treated to the same old, still-better-than-American public transport designs. The rails will soon (fingers crossed) offer a direct line to the park. Other reports point towards newer banners and signs celebrating Universal Studio Japan's 20th anniversary, which at least hints at some sense of optimism by the powers-that-be. That, or they already paid for the new swag before the latest COVID-19 flareups, and they'll be damned if they let them go to waste. Either way, you keep doing you, Super Nintendo World.

It's not all delays and broken promises — Just because Super Nintendo World is experiencing some hiccups doesn't mean it's terrible across the board, though. By our last look, the company is still planning to release its limited-edition, Mario-themed line of Switch consoles next month — the first alternative color option since the console's release in 2017. The company also apparently had the good sense to "politely decline" a video game idea from Kanye West a few years back, so perhaps it knows best regarding when it's safe to open Super Nintendo World up to its bright-eyed visitors.

Until then, though, it looks like we're just going to have to keep waiting patiently for the end to this global nightmare. We'd like to take this time to remind everyone: please, if you are able to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, do so immediately. If not for you or your loved ones, then at least for us Mario fans clambering for a ticket to Super Nintendo World.