It takes Jeff Bezos 5 minutes to earn his donation to the Australian bushfire effort


How much of Bezos's annual income he donated.

Sam Mooy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, recently donated $690,000 to help fight the bushfires ravaging Australia. Based on Business Insider’s most recent wage estimations, that’s about 0.00095 percent of his estimated annual income. In other terms, he makes that much money in five minutes. If you’ve donated more than $48 and you make $50,000 a year, you’ve made more of a sacrifice. Keep reading to see what non-billionaires donated.

More than a drop in the bucket — Several celebrities with wealth in the mere millions and even regular people have raised and/or donated more than Bezos to the stop the fires that have killed an estimated 500 million animals.

  • Chris Hemsworth dropped $1 million to help save his homeland.
  • Elton John also donated $1 million to the Bushfire Relief Fund.
  • Metallica have pledged $750,000 to the NSW Rural Fire Service and Country Fire Authority in Victoria.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio’s Earth Alliance organization sent $3 million in aid.
  • Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, and Pink have all donated $500,000.
  • Kaylen Ward, a model, raised about $1 million by offering nude photos in exchange for proof of a minimum $10 donation. Ward also donated $1,000 of her own money.
  • Comedian Celeste Barber started a fundraiser that’s raised more $41 million.

As a frame of reference, Minogue donated about 0.5 percent of her estimated $90 million net worth and Hemsworth's donation comes in at 1.3 percent of his $76.4 million net worth. Do you see how I didn't have to type a bunch of zeroes and they're both still really wealthy?

What about other billionaires? — Fellow billionaire Kylie Jenner donated $1 million, admittedly after being called out for wearing animal fur in the wake of the disaster. A handful of Australian billionaires and their organizations have given or pledged a total of $75 million, according to Forbes. For a few of these billionaires, $700,000 seems to be the magic number because it’s about $1 million Australian dollars. Even Facebook, after donating about $170,000 to the Australian Red Cross, said it would match up to $700,000 given to GlobalGiving’s Australian Wildfire Relief Fund. It seems that those with most wealth are just throwing a tidy figure at the problem and going about their business.