Insane Clown Posse is offering 'Custom Clown Clips' for fans in lockdown

Get personal videos from Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, Florida Joe, Moon Glorious, Big Baby Chips, Sugar Wolf, and the rest of the gang.

Steven Dewall/Premium Archive/Getty Images

The music industry is constantly changing its approach to merchandise, sales, performances, meet-and-greets, and touring. And, with a pandemic slashing revenue all over the place the industry is getting even more creative and fluid about supporting musicians who, like their fans, are probably under a lockdown or following stay-at-home orders. In its own inimitable style, Insane Clown Posse is looking at a novel way to make the novel coronavirus-inspired lockdown a little more bearable for juggalos and juggalettes.

In an official video on YouTube, ICP's Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope announced that fans can get Custom Clown Clips sent to them for a variety of occasions, including telling creeps on Facebook to get lost, wishing a sick friend well, asking someone else, or advice on "any subject you want." The clips will be less than 60 seconds, and can't include any product endorsements.

How it works — Orders for custom clown clips will take six days or less to complete and buyers can choose from ICP icons like Florida Joe, Big Baby, Moon Glorious, Sugar Bear, and others. Depending on the tier of clip you want, it'll set you back between $75 and $300. And if you don't like the clip created for you, ICP has some advice: "Please place your balls under the toilet seat and sit the fuck down and start crying." Which is undeniably on brand.

Is this selling out? — For ICP's hardcore fans, trying mainstream solutions like virtual greetings and conventional methods might be akin to "selling out." But the hip hop duo isn't worried about that perception. In an interview with Forbes, Violent J gets frank:

Our notoriety is far stronger than our actual success, and we learned that when we started playing festivals. We hadn’t done festivals in forever, because when we came out in the 1990’s, we were so underground and back when they used to have a thing called 'selling out.' Basically if you altered your music so there was no cursing in it, or if you made a special type of video to make MTV happy, you were basically selling your art out to get further.

But times have changed. "Now everything is different, everybody cusses and it’s nothing to cuss, fucking it’s nothing in music," Violent J adds. "So everything changes and there’s no such thing as a ‘sellout’ really anymore."

Thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, the circumstances are also unprecedented and it's extremely possible that ICP's juggalos and juggalettes' base doesn't care whether Shaggy 2 Dope, Sugar Wolf, and the others are being edgy and nonconformist or not. After all, they too no doubt have bills to pay.

For $75, $175, $200 or $300, they just want to hear them say hello in their quintessential ICP fashion: thick clown makeup on, tongues out, and a whole lot of cussing. If that's the comfort you need in this dark time we're not going to take it away from you.