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Those Nintendo 'Switch Pro' rumors / The mad scientist of Game Boy mods

On this episode, we discuss Nintendo handhelds of new and old.


Reports have emerged that Nintendo is planning to release an “upgraded” Switch in 2021. Input senior reviews editor Ray Wong recently wrote about why it doesn’t make sense to put out a rumored 4K “Switch Pro.”

“Nintendo only exists today because it stopped chasing performance and graphics years ago," he writes. “4K Super Mario on the Switch? Sounds nice, but Nintendo doesn’t need it.”

Input editors Ryan Houlihan and Craig Wilson join us to discuss Ray’s piece.

And later: YouTuber Elliot Coll is the Game Boy’s very own Dr. Frankenstein, well-known in the retro gaming community for his repairs and restorations on YouTube. On his channel, The Retro Future, Coll turns aging game consoles into absurd pieces of art. Ryan and Craig talk about Coll’s handiwork.

On this episode of Input/Output, we discuss Nintendo handhelds of new and old.

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