The queen of useless machines / The magic of Tamagotchi On

On this episode, we’ve got two stories about whimsical technology out of Japan.

Marina Fujiwara

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Episode 29: The queen of useless machines / The magic of Tamagotchi On

Marina Fujiwara is a 20-something Japanese artist best known for her useless inventions. Her seemingly pointless projects – like a contraption that attaches to the top of your laptop and slaps your face with a wad of money – interrogate our relationships with objects, the internet, and ourselves. Input news editor Craig Wilson joins us to discuss. And later: Tamagotchi On is an update on the ’90s Japanese toy that requires you to take care of a virtual pet. It’s also the perfect antidote to the daily hellscape of modern life. So says Input news editor Cheyenne MacDonald in a recent review of the pocket-size digital device. She joins us to talk about it.

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