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Get psyched for Xbox Series X and Series S / The Republicans’ war on social media

On this episode, we discuss news that will delight gamers and infuriate social media users.


Microsoft's next flagship console, the Xbox Series X, will launch November 10 and retail for $499. The smaller, less powerful Series S will retail for $299. In addition, Microsoft will offer both the Series X and the Series S for a monthly fee. Input editor Ryan Houlihan and editor in chief Joshua Topolsky join us to discuss why Sony, which is releasing the PlayStation 5, should be worried.

And later: A group of Republican senators, including Lindsey Graham, is working to remove long-standing legal protections for social media companies. The lawmakers recently introduced the Online Freedom and Viewpoint Diversity Act with the aim of stripping protections provided by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Ryan and Joshua rail against this proposed legislation.

On this episode of Input/Output, we discuss news that will delight gamers and infuriate social media users.

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