Adult FriendFinder launches its version of Zoom... for orgies

'Virgy' is free, group-friendly, and you won't have to worry about accidentally sending nudes to your boss.

Seductive woman working on as webcam model. Virtual sex.

If group sex is your thing, I feel for you in these trying times. Social distancing has effectively stamped out casual hookups, and even as some states start to (prematurely) lift restrictions, there’s really no telling when it will be safe to hit the sheets again, at least not with someone you don’t already live with. It goes without saying that the COVID-19 transmission risk only rises the more people you add to the mix.

Popular hookup site Adult FriendFinder is now attempting to offer somewhat of a lifeline with a new platform catered to social distancing-compliant orgies. The free service, "Virgy," will allow you to host private video chats with up to 20 people. Or, if connecting with strangers is more your vibe, users can also host public events.

Adult FriendFinder

Helping to fill the void — Times are tough and the people are hornier than ever. Maybe you’ve already floated the idea of taking your sex party online. After all, everything else is shifting to the virtual space, and tons of one-on-one phone / video sex is happening at any given time, so why not orgies? But nothing is less sexy than conferencing apps like Zoom, which are suited for larger groups, sure, but may have a shaky approach to security, the tendency to glitch, and puritanical rules on “indecent” content. Not to mention you just got off a conference call with your boss and colleagues, like, an hour ago.

Adult FriendFinder hopes Virgy will sidestep all that so users can get what they came for without stress. It might not be as good as the real thing but at this stage of the quarantine, who can be picky?

“With large gatherings banned across the country and popular sex party clubs forced to close their doors, we wanted to create a venue geared specifically for virtual orgies,” said Gunner Taylor, Director of Strategic Development for FriendFinder Networks. “You don’t want to login into a traditional video conference platform that you might use for a work call for a virtual orgy.

"You want to feel like you’re tuning into a sexy, exclusive event where anything might happen.”

This could work...but — The company says Virgy is set up so you won’t run into bandwidth issues (though we’ll let users be the judge of that) and the platform is free to use. If you’re itching to dip back into group sex activities while quarantine trudges on, this could be a much better option than the more work-oriented offerings popular today. Just make sure you fine-tune your setup before hopping on a sexy video call — webcam angles can be truly unforgiving.

We’ve still got some questions about security — it’s worth noting that Adult FriendFinder famously suffered a huge breach a few years ago — but Input has reached out for more information and will update this post upon hearing back.