Gyms are reopening and people are working out in weird isolation pods

Just buy some weights, go for a run outside maybe. Anything but this.


Gyms in Southern California have begun reopening with individual pods surrounding clients in order to maintain social distancing. Inspire South Bay Fitness in Redondo Beach installed nine pods made out of shower curtains and pipes, according to KTLA. Clients have to schedule in advance to reserve a pod for their workouts. Our only question is, why would you punish yourself like this?


We have questions — It's understandable that gyms need to reopen as soon as possible or else risk going out of business. The owner of the gym said he wasn't sure it'd be able to survive much longer being closed. But these pods are only six-feet wide, and that raises questions. What if sweat gets on the plastic?

It's probable that the gym is cleaning them after each use, but that must take a long time to do properly and you're putting faith in whoever does the cleaning that they're doing it well. And with only nine pods how long must you wait to get some gym time? Once you do get in you're limited to using some dumbbells and a bench — things you could easily use at home.

Some COVID-19 solutions are just way more effort than they're worth.

Our suggestions — For those reasons you should probably just skip the gym pods and do just about anything else. Maybe buy Ring Fit Adventure for your Nintendo Switch so you can exercise and play a game at the same time. Heck even a simple weight set will work, or try some workout classes on Instagram like those offered by Barry's Bootcamp. They're free and all you need is a yoga mat to get a good workout in. Nike Training Club offers a wide array of yoga classes that the company has made free during the pandemic.

A couple of great alternatives that are much better than being put on display in these weird petri dish pods.