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GMC starts shipping its all-electric Hummers next month


The starting price for the eco-friendly Edition 1 Hummer.


The newly resurrected, eco-friendly Hummer will finally begin rolling out to drivers next month, nearly two years after its official reveal, says GMC exec Duncan Aldred. According to Autoblog, the EV behemoth that is the Edition 1 Hummer will be able to get around 329 miles to a single charge (a little shy of its initial, 350-mile promise) with the ability to tow up to 7,500 pounds and carry about 1,300 pounds. All that will come at a true-to-brand price tag, of course: The Edition 1 Hummer starts at a hefty $112,000, although GMC promises cheaper models with longer range should be announced beginning next year.

That’s about the earliest anyone who hasn’t already put down money can expect to get behind the wheel of one, however. GMC’s Aldred noted in a conference call with reporters that the first year of Hummers has already sold out.

President Biden behind the wheel of an Edition 1 Hummer during a recent test drive press event.MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

EV trucks are finally on the horizon — As Autoblog also notes, the Edition 1 Hummer will join Rivian’s R1T as the first all-electric pickup trucks available on the market, although more are set to join them very soon, including Ford’s much-anticipated F-150 Lightning that’s scheduled to release next year.

As genuinely cool (if a bit paradoxical) as the new EV Hummer seems, those kinds of price tags will keep the vehicle squarely within the luxury market. To truly convert Americans over to all-electric rides, we’ll need many more affordable EV pickup options out there — sorry, but despite Elon’s many empty promises, Tesla’s Cybertruck just won’t cut it.