Foxconn is offering incentives like free meals to bring people back to work amid coronavirus fears

Companies are scrambling to keep up with worldwide demands.


It’s no secret Foxconn’s manufacturing plants have been struggling because of the outbreak of COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus). Now the company is offering perk packages for employees as an incentive to return to the workforce.

Sources report that the perks include meals and accommodations for workers who brave the outside world to come into work, as well as free transportation on shuttle buses to and from manufacturing plants.

The company is also offering monetary bonuses for employees who return to work. But it’s unlikely these perks will bring back enough of Foxconn’s workforce to keep up with worldwide demands.

Fear will probably win — Though Foxconn’s offers are certainly tempting, fear of the coronavirus only continues to increase throughout China. It’s possible the incentives will bring some employees back to work, but it won’t be enough to bring the company’s manufacturing back up to its usual standards. At last count, Foxconn’s largest plant was only 10 percent staffed.

Expect further delays — Foxconn has reopened some of its Chinese facilities, but it’s likely low staffing attendance will continue to affect worldwide sales of tech products — such as the iPhone — indefinitely.