Ford dealers are trying to cash in on your thirst for the electric F-150

DEARBORN, MI - MAY 19: The new all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning performance pickup truck is reveale...


The F-150 Lightning's cost at one dealership in Florida, literally double the MSRP.


Bill Pugliano/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Drivers really want to take Ford’s all-electric F-150 Lightning for a spin. Earlier this year, America’s hype convinced the car maker to double its initial production goal to 200,000 vehicles, but now that the trucks are finally rolling off the production line, dealers are apparently seizing on the momentum with some genuinely shocking price hikes. We’re talking double the MSRP here.

As Electrek reports, at least one user in an online F-150 Lightning forum posted an authorized Ford dealership’s “market adjustment” of an additional $69,554, which is literally the initial asking price for the truck itself. So, basically, if you wanna reserve an F-150 Lightning from Gary Smith Ford in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, be prepared to essentially pay two vehicles’ worth for only one.

But please: Do not pay $140,603 for a truck you likely won’t even get for another two years.

We love to pay the price of two things, only to get one.F-150 Lightning Forum

Demand is good, we guess? — So, we suppose the silver lining here is that it’s great to see people becoming truly invested and interested in transitioning towards EVs, even if that means capitalist vultures are inevitably going to exploit it for as long as possible. While demand for electric cars has risen steadily over the past few years, the lack of truly gas-free work vehicles like pickup trucks severely impeded the ability to phase out our fossil fuel dependencies. Having the F-150 Lightning hit the market alongside its upcoming competitors will begin to fill that need for consumers. Next up: EV semi-trucks other than those vague promises from Tesla, of course.