Facebook's leading engineer executive Jay Parikh is leaving the company

On Facebook, Parikh uploaded a post about his journey at Facebook, which began in 2009.

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Facebook's top engineer executive Jay Parikh is leaving the company, according to a post Parikh uploaded on Facebook. Although he stated that he doesn't have a job lined up, Parikh indicated his near decade long stint at Facebook being over.

"I have some bittersweet news to share," Parikh wrote on Tuesday. "It’s time for me to step out of Facebook to explore what’s next."

What happens now? — In all likelihood, Parikh's responsibilities will be divided and distributed to other executives. According to Bloomberg, a company spokesperson said that Parikh's responsibilities may be taken over by David Mortenson for the time being. While he was at Facebook, Bloomberg reports that Parikh was in charge of creating enormous data centers that helped to run Facebook's services online. He also worked on bringing WiFi to rural areas by way of fiber cables installed undersea.

In his post, Parikh wrote that during his time at Facebook, his team worked on everything "from the data center buildings, to the cooling systems, to the internal electrical distribution, to the different types of servers, to the network switches, to the subsea cables, and many other infrastructure components."

Parting words — In a special shout out to Mark Zuckerberg and Mike Schroepfer, Parikh wrote, "Our experiences together, from the good, bad, and ugly, have born lifelong friendships. Thank you, Mark and Mike, for having the confidence in me to build, cultivate, and support our Infra and global engineering teams."

"And thank you to the Infra team," Parikh added. "We are a family, and together, we have been foundational in helping the company deliver on its mission. I am extremely proud of what we’ve learned and built together in the past 10 years."