Facebook’s desktop redesign from last April is finally rolling out to some users

And if they don’t like it they can still go back.


Last April, Facebook announced that it would be releasing a fully redesigned desktop experience within a few months. Now that version of the desktop site is finally rolling out to users — albeit only to a small group of them for now, according to a report by CNET. It will roll out to most by April 2020.

Maybe Facebook thinks it’ll be enough to distract us from the disastrous press the company has been receiving lately.

The design is a choice for now — Those chosen to test the new Facebook design will be greeted with a popup inviting them to test out “The New Facebook.” Which is really just the same Facebook we know and whine about, just with a fresh coat of paint. Once they’ve chosen to go to the new site, users can choose either the default white background or a dark-mode option.

Users can also revert to the older Facebook design if they so decide.


What’s changed? — It’s less cluttered, for one thing. The redesign appears to prioritize bright, modern colors. And also Facebook Stories, which have been relocated to the middle of the screen with larger icons.

Those who choose to test the new look will be able to provide feedback with a “Help Us Improve the New Facebook” tool.