Facebook is serving users a COVID-19 survey meant to track the virus

The Carnegie Mellon survey could help researchers identify hotspots early.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Facebook is prompting users in the U.S. to participate in a survey from Carnegie Mellon University about the COVID-19 coronavirus. The survey is meant to help researchers monitor and forecast the spread of coronavirus so regions can get prepared with supplies like ventilators before an outbreak intensifies.


Facebook, being Facebook, stresses that it won't share any personally identifiable information with Carnegie Mellon; they just want statistical data on where outbreaks are worsening.

Facebook's COVID-19 support efforts — The company has been releasing a range of new products and features aimed at assisting relief efforts and keeping people connected as the country remains under effective lockdown. Last week it announced it would contribute $100 million to news organizations as the media industry is hard hit by a sudden drop in advertising spend. Facebook has also launched a COVID-19 information center in the News Feed and Messenger, and expanded its Community Health feature so users can request or offer help as social distancing remains in effect.

The death toll from coronavirus in the United States surpassed 10,000 today with more than 347,000 confirmed cases nationwide. The outbreak is still growing in the U.S. and other countries including the United Kingdom, where prime minister Boris Johnson was admitted to intensive care today as he displays worsening signs of a coronavirus infection.