Elon Musk probably got COVID-19, is definitely still an insufferable goblin

The Tesla CEO tweeted he was tested four times in 24 hours, receiving both positive and negative results, then proceeded to push bogus pandemic theories.

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Tesla CEO and frequent "Well, actually" poster child, Elon Musk, has informed the world that he potentially contracted COVID-19 recently after receiving four separate test results... or, maybe he didn't, since two of those tests came back positive, while the other two returned negative results. We should take a moment to mention that anyone receiving that many tests within such a short period of time could easily receive the same results ratio (more on that here), but Musk still felt that reason enough to once again publicly doubt the pandemic's seriousness.

Forget it, Elon. You're out of your element.Twitter / @ElonMusk

A history of being the worst (and wrong) — Musk, who has been categorically wrong about COVID-19 for months now, described his symptoms as "mild sniffles" along with a cough and slight fever requiring only some NyQuil, so good on him. Meanwhile, the nearly 250,000 dead Americans would like to have a word with him. Only they can't, because they're dead from COVID-19. Never content to pause his egotistic assholery, Musk then hypothesized that all this emphasis on testing is greed-driven, and not actually in the public's best interest (it is).

Dude. Shut the hell up.Twitter / @ElonMusk

Read the room, man — The libertarian space mogul billionaire's comments come as America experiences its highest reported cases yet with more than 150,000 cased recorded yesterday, up from 100,000 daily infections only a week before, prompting serious discussions of a second, widespread shutdown in the country.

Across the Atlantic, nations like France and Germany are currently under restrictive quarantine measures yet again, which is as unfortunate as it is necessary to prevent medical infrastructure from being completely overwhelmed. It should also be noted that these newest, baseless theories are coming from the guy who predicted that the United States would be down to zero cases by the end of April.

Ask the experts and / or shut up — Look, we really shouldn't still have to say this, but the COVID-19 pandemic is real, it's been real, and it will continue to be real for the conceivable future. It is also still being researched and studied, so we're looking at a far from a full picture of the virus. Stats and information on the pandemic will change as we learn more, but one thing is certain: it is a serious situation, and it can kill people. Yes, most sufferers will exhibit mild symptoms, but many others won't. Of those, a portion will inevitably die, while tens of thousands of others will be left with lasting effects. And until people with enough social clout like Musk start either listening to actual experts or at the very least shut the hell up, the toll will be far larger than it ever had to be.