Elon Musk is throwing a 'super fun AI party'

Everyone’s favorite tech dad is still corny AF.

Bloomberg/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Sigh. Tech Dad Elon Musk is throwing a party. It’s also a hackathon that’s gonna be “super fun,” or so he says. The focus of the hackathon will be Tesla’s autopilot AI, which has come under fire for allegedly accelerating of its own accord. Tesla has refuted such claims, but Musk suddenly seems very interested in testing the strength of its AI. His latest space banger will probably be on the DJ's set, but there's no word yet on whether or not this is the house of Azealia Banks/Musk-tweeting-on-acid fame.

The party — In thread responses to his original tweet, Musk is adamant about the openness of the party. He’s looking globally for participants and they don’t even need a high school education as long as they thoroughly understand neural networks (but you’ll still need an invitation).

Tesla’s autopilot — The AI isn’t always as smart as you need it to be when lives are at stake. For a while, Teslas driving into police vehicles have largely been written off as driver error. More recently, uncontrolled acceleration is allegedly causing dozens of other injury-inflicting accidents. An investigation from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration could lead to hundreds of thousands of recalls, just as Tesla’s starting to really put its money where its mouth is.