Drake signs an exclusive, multiyear deal with live-streaming platform Caffeine

He’ll bring the Ultimate Rap League with him and have his own channel, too.

Prince Williams/WireImage/Getty Images

Drake just signed a multiyear deal with Caffeine, the live-streaming platform that’s set itself up to rival industry giant Twitch. With the weight of one of the world’s most popular rappers behind it, Caffeine might just be able to realize its dreams of evolving past a platform for just sports and gaming.

Caffeine has not released any details of the deal: all we know right now is that the deal spans multiple years.

And he’s bringing URL with him — The Ultimate Rap League, that is. URL is the largest battle rap league in the country, and now it will bring its competitions to audiences live on Caffeine. URL coming to Caffeine is part of Drake’s overall deal with the platform.

“It’s exciting to be in a position where I’m able to bring Caffeine to the table and help provide URL with the tools they need to elevate the viewing experience and make it more accessible to fans,” Drake said in a press release.

Drake will bring his fans with him — Drake’s fanbase is unmatched; he’s consistently listed as one of the most successful musicians of all time. While much of the content planned around this deal appears to have the Ultimate Rap League at its center, Drake’s involvement ensures an enormous new fan base will flock to Caffeine for exclusive content.

Caffeine is securing its future — Right now Caffeine is still mostly unknown. But it wants to become a household name like its main competitor, Twitch — and branching out into live music could be just the way to do that. Last October, Offset made headlines as the first big celebrity to sign a deal with the platform. And now with Drake’s imminent arrival on the platform, more huge names are sure to follow.

Caffeine is making a smart move by investing in what makes it different from Twitch. If this deal is a sign of what’s to come for the platform, Caffeine has a bright future indeed.