DoorDash adds 'ultra-fast' delivery option, offers actual, paying jobs

Certain trial locations can recieve items in 15 minutes or less, from actual employees getting paid actual benefits.

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DoorDash announced a new “ultra-fast” service earlier today promising 10-to-15-minute deliveries from a DashMart location in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood, with plans to expand into other areas and cities across the country in the coming months.

If the thought of abusing gig workers even further with the added expectation of gruelingly time-sensitive deliveries gives you pause, don’t worry: DoorDash has anticipated your OSHA complaints with the additional announcement of DashCorps, a new company committed to “redefining logistics and management services” by hiring real, honest-to-God full- and part-time employees eligible for actual benefits.

“[Employees] work set schedules, working an average of around 20 hours per week, with many working full-time; wear uniforms; report to a manager; and use a new app designed specifically for their unique work,” explains DoorDash of their new, ominously named unit. Set schedules and health benefits... truly “redefining” America’s workforce as we head into the bold new future that is 2022. Who needs a drink?

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Is this the best we can hope for? — Perhaps anticipating it being difficult to convince many gig workers to careen through NYC traffic to ensure a 15-minutes-or-less deliveries, DoorDash’s DashCorps finally provides at least the bare minimum of job benefits to its new employees. Wages apparently start at $15/hour plus tips, with full-time employees getting access to options like medical, vision, and dental insurance, alongside “Employee Assistance Programs, Flexible Spending Accounts and commuter benefits.”

That’s great to hear, but also so disheartening to know that virtually the only way gig economy-based companies are open to providing any semblance of job benefits is when said job is the most stressful and grueling environment possible.