Dominion Voting, doing God's work, sues Fox News for defamation

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The amount in damages Dominion Voting Systems is seeking from Fox News.

Associated Press

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Dominion Voting Systems has officially added Fox News to its increasingly lengthy list of lawsuit filings, according to documents obtained by the Associated Press (and available online over here) earlier this week. According to the legal records, Dominion is seeking approximately $1.6 billion from the network for months of baseless assertions that the voting software company colluded with dastardly and despicable scheming Democrats to steal the Presidential election from Donald J. Trump.

These blatant lies repeated by numerous Fox anchors and reporters eventually helped spawn countless death threats against Dominion employees. “If this case does not rise to the level of defamation by a broadcaster, then nothing does,” reads a portion of the filing. Amen to that.

Employees forced into hiding after death threats — Among the many, many (many) charges lobbed against Fox News is the report that multiple Dominion Voting employees feared for their lives in the weeks and months after the November election. On certain occasions, some were even forced into temporary hiding due to being inundated with death threats (don’t worry, they’re suing, too).

Dominion’s lawsuit argues Fox always knew any and all rumors of vote tampering and polling machine sabotage were baseless from the very beginning, but “took a small flame and turned it into a forest fire” to profit off of it all... which certainly tracks with our recollection of events.

More lawsuits to come (we hope) — Fox News isn’t alone in this, as Dominion has also filed suits against individuals, including Rudy Giuliani, Mike “MyPillow Guy” Lindell, and Sidney Powell. Lawyers also told AP that the company hasn’t ruled out filing similar lawsuits against “specific media personalities at Fox News.”

Blood on their hands — Outside all the legalese and courtroom red tape, it’s not hard to see the direct line running from Fox News’ misleading election conspiracy coverage, to the continued rise of QAnon cultists, to the deadly January 6 riot on Capitol Hill. Sure, it briefly behaved in calling the election for Joe Biden and gently urging the former President to accept it, but that’s only because owner Rupert Murdoch cracked the whip. Since then, the network has returned to its usual perpetually persecuted self, outraged every time the Democrats try to pass legislation that might make poorer Americans less poor, and with an extremely flexible approach to veracity.

Amidst all of Fox’s fantasies, everyday companies like Dominion filled with everyday employees were subject to real-world harassment that, like the Capitol insurrection, could have easily taken a grave turn for the worse. With any luck, those who’ve profited off of brazen lies and dangerous rhetoric will face some kind of comeuppance via the courts, especially lawsuits like those filed by Dominion and others. They may not feel remorse, but they probably still hate being publicly shamed.