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Bored Apes got itself hacked... again

Adult male boring Orangutan in a idling position relaxing on ground.


The estimated amount of Ethereum tokens stolen during the hack.

Yuga Labs

seng chye teo/Moment/Getty Images

Bored Ape Yacht Club’s owners at Yuga Labs confirmed that the official Discord server suffered a massive phishing attack over the weekend that made off with NFTs totaling 200ETH — roughly $360,000. After news first broke of the potential hack, it took Yuga Labs over 11 hours to confirm the cartoon monkey heist via Twitter. BAYC encouraged anyone affected to email discord@yugalabs.io regarding the issue. “As a reminder, we do not offer surprise mints or giveaways,” BAYC said in a follow-up tweet.

This is at least the third time this year alone that Yuga Labs’ NFTs have been successfully attacked. Most recently, hackers managed to post a fake minting via the company’s official Instagram in late April that resulted in millions of dollars being stolen. Our thoughts go out to all those NFT owners hoping to land their Bored Apes in an official feature film...

You look how we feel about NFTs, knockoff Bored Ape.Shutterstock

The bubble continues to burst — This weekend’s BAYC heist is just the latest salt rubbed in the NFT world’s wounds. In a progression of events almost everyone outside the insular NFT world saw coming, the shaky house of digital cards appears to still be collapsing, with values tumbling and scams being uncovered weekly... not to mention the rampant racism and other unsavory elements running through the ecosystem.

NFTs unfortunately aren’t going anyway just yet, but perhaps continued forced errors like this latest hack (and that Beeple x Madonna collab) will keep minimizing how much we have to endure going forward.