Beyonce teams up with Peloton after millions of users requested a collab


How many Peloton users requested Beyonce.

Bob Riha Jr/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Peloton calls it the "most epic collaboration ever." The fitness company is teaming up with Beyonce this Homecoming season as millions of students plan virtual celebrations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Peloton, Beyonce was requested by "more than 3.6 million members." The collaboration places special emphasis on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and will offer Beyonce-created series of workouts for Peloton members. So you can expect a newer variety of classes, cycling, resistance, strength, yoga, meditation, and other programs.

The power of Beyonce — According to Peloton, the partnership also entails the following:

  • A membership lasting two years long for students at 10 HBCUs.
  • Access to Peloton's fitness catalog.

"This collaboration with Beyonce is part of our unyielding pursuit to provide an engaging and motivating experience for our Members and leverage our products, platform and expertise to give our community better options for staying healthy and happy," the company explains.

The digital memberships pertain to the following institutes: Bennett College, Clark Atlanta University, Grambling State University, Hampton University, Howard University, Morehouse College and Morehouse School of Medicine, Spelman College, Texas Southern University, and Wilberforce University. You can expect them by November.

If you're unsure about a full-fledged membership, you can try the Peloton 30-day trial period for free.

Smart move, team — Peloton needed this image makeover. In October, the company came under public scrutiny after users noticed the presence of far-right conspiracy movement QAnon hashtags, including #Trump2020, #MAGA2020, #Q, and #WWGOnePelotonWGA. The group has been criticized for its unhinged conspiracy theories about global domination, the fall of the United States, and a cabal of powerful politicians who apparently sacrifice children in order to control people.

It took less than a day for Peloton to wipe out the hashtags as a company spokesperson told Input, "Peloton has a zero-tolerance policy against hateful content. We actively moderate our channels and remove anything that violates our policy or does not reflect our company’s values of inclusiveness and unity or maintain a respectful environment." On a less disturbing but equally bizarre level, a Peloton ad last holiday season became an unintentional horror clip, eliciting some pretty brutal memes from denizens online.

Tinfoil hat hashtags, then a creepy ad alongside complaints about Peloton price tags have left the company's reputation up in the air. While it's not guaranteed that Beyonce's collaboration will do the magic and stabilize Peloton's presence, a little glamor from Bey herself could clean up the fitness company's image.