Apple TV+ may launch podcasts about its original shows

The move could win the company more subscribers.

Man using remote control to switch channels. Close up hand holding apple tv remote

Following its main rival's lead, Apple TV+ may soon start launching original podcasts. According to Bloomberg, which spoke to anonymous sources close to the matter, the company called for podcast pitches in the summer of 2019. The idea, if successfully executed, would be to run audio content about original Apple TV+ series.

Unlike Netflix which has numerous titles to boast, Apple TV+ has a few series but they've already garnered critical acclaim and some major wins, including The Morning Show star Jennifer Aniston bagging a Screen Actors Guild Award for best actress. Even beyond coveted awards, critics are in love with Little America which Apple TV+ introduced in January.

No stranger to the game — For Apple, podcasts are nothing new. Millions of people tune into their choice of audio programs through the company's Podcast feature. From true crime, dating advice, history to political banter, scientific research, or just random trivia, the company has a massive and dedicated base of regular listeners all around the world. With that in mind, Apple TV+'s rumored venture into podcasts would be focused on acquainting people with the creators, actors, and vision behind its different shows, Bloomberg noted.

It's very similar to what Netflix does. Through its different podcasts, Netflix gives its subscribers a chance to go behind the scenes, learn more about the performers, budget, and more.

Here's a podcast idea — Apart from giving insight about original series, the company may even get a chance to clear some controversy through these podcasts. As it stands, already Apple TV+ is under scrutiny as the creator of its Servant series, M. Night Shyamalan, is being sued for allegedly copying the concept from filmmaker Francesca Gregorini, Atlantic reported. Shyamalan denies any intellectual theft. Still, just to clear the air out, an Apple TV+ podcast that discusses this news — maybe even invites Gregorini to give her account of events — could be a good start.