Apple finally allows you to report App Store scams again

Apple simplified its system after years of being next-to-impossible to flag suspicious apps.

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After years of subjecting users to the App Store’s overly complicated and frustrating methods for flagging potential scam apps, Apple has finally (and very quietly) revised its “Report a Problem” button. Instead of a multistep process requiring repeat logins and redirects to separate websites, you can now simply select “Report a scam or fraud” from a dropdown options menu within the App Store to handle suspect products.

The change was first noted by eagle-eyed App Store experts including Kosta Eleftheriou and Richard Mazkewich, the “Report a Problem” feature is now also directly available within app listings, instead of being housed in a completely separate location.

Great job, Apple. Now do right-to-repair.

Feeling the Epic heat — Apple’s small, albeit incredibly useful, App Store reform comes as the company continues to face growing pressure to reform its company policies surrounding one of its most profitable domains. Despite the ongoing feud with Epic Games showing no signs of slowing down, Apple has already made a few changes within the store, including the option for developers to finally notify customers of third-party payment methods (thus avoiding the company’s hefty App Store tax). It’s also doing a somewhat decent job of policing for misinfo spreaders like this anti-vax dating app (no really, that was a thing).

Meet iOS 15’s other features — Of course, there’s a ton of other, much more noticeable feature changes that come with Apple’s latest iOS 15 update, from notification summaries to (gasp) the ability to finally FaceTime with Android and Windows PC users. Obviously, there are still a fair share of bugs for the new iOS, but overall, it’s a promising step forward for Apple, especially when it comes to more effectively weeding out problematic apps.