WWDC 2020

Apple announces new Siri-enabled Translate app for iOS 14

Language auto-detection and offline capabilities will make translate a serious competitor.

Apple is releasing its own Translate app as part of the forthcoming iOS 14 update, the company announced at today's WWDC conference. The app works offline and uses built-in machine learning capabilities to carry out translations.


Translate will work with 11 languages at launch. The app can even auto-detect what language is being spoken if you're not sure — and, thanks to Siri integration, it can be launched quickly, for all your on-the-go translation needs.

Competing with Google — It's no secret that Google Translate is a giant in the translation department. Features like real-time transcription in foreign languages have been available for months, while Apple has never even taken the time to release a native translation app until now.

Home team advantage — Apple's Translate app is going to quickly become the go-to for iPhone users for one simple reason: it's integrated into the operating system. You don't need to rummage around for the Google Translate app while you're in the middle of a conversation or hailing a cab — just hit the Siri button and get to translating.

Translate will be available as part of the new iOS 14 update.