An OnlyFans model is suing two influencer agencies claiming exploitation

The model says both agencies posted her fully nude photos without consent.

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Two popular influencer management companies, Unruly Agency and Behave Agency, are being sued by a 21-year-old OnlyFans model for exploiting her nudes. The model alleges that both agencies have been posting her fully naked photos to her “main page” without her permission.

The model — who is going by the moniker Jane Doe for purposes of this lawsuit — claims both Unruly and Behave posted nude content to her OnlyFans feed without her permission. She utilizes a popular model on the platform, which is to post less-revealing photos on her main OnlyFans feed and then charge an extra premium for subscribers who are interested in viewing her fully nude photos.

Jane Doe says that, instead, both management companies published her fully nude photos on the main feed for all subscribers to see. That included a two-minute-long video of the model “disrobing, exposing her bare breasts and showing Ms. Doe fully nude from behind,” the suit alleges.

The agencies won’t fess up — Neither Unruly nor Behave are ready to admit to any wrongdoing in this case. Actually, it seems like Unruly might have been tacked onto the case in error; Behave’s statement on the case says that, as the agency understands it, “Unruly Agency is not involved in this matter and appears to have been incorrectly named in the complaint.” Unruly is the more popular of the two agencies named, with clients like Tana Mongeau and Daisy Keech, each of whom has more than 5 million Instagram followers.

The remainder of Behave’s statement is pretty boilerplate denial. The company says the model in question only filed the lawsuit after attempting to resolve a dispute regarding outstanding commissions.

“Almost all our staff are women, and we go out of our way to provide a professional, safe and respectful environment for our models,” Behave said.

The fallout of the OnlyFans revolution — It’s impossible to say with any clarity whether or not Jane Doe’s allegations have merit. It is interesting to contemplate in the larger context of OnlyFans’ meteoric rise to power in the last few years, though.

OnlyFans makes it very, very easy for anyone over the age of 18 to get started with internet sex work. This ease of access leaves creators open to a number of potential avenues for exploitation, ranging from simple copy-and-paste re-uploaders to sudden policy changes that wipe out entire account archives. And these risks are only compounded when OnlyFans creators hand over account access to management agencies, many of which have way more experience managing influencers’ Instagram accounts than handling actual pornography.

We’ll leave the verdict on this case up to the actual judges. Our professional advice? Handle your nudes with care.