Amazon's first brick-and-mortar clothing store will open this year in L.A.

Amazon destroyed the retail industry. Now it's time to swoop in and make more money off that destruction.

Now that it’s decimated the entire retail industry as we know it, Amazon is ready to rebuild it in its own name. The ecommerce giant is gearing up to open its own physical clothing store, confirming reports claiming as much from September of last year.

The Amazon Style store, which will open some time later this year at The Americana at Brand in Los Angeles, will carry top-selling brands from Amazon’s website as well as Amazon’s own branded apparel. Because this is Amazon we’re talking about, the store will also offer a number of tech-fueled conveniences for shoppers.

Shoppers will be able to scan QR codes around the store for more information on any given product, for example. The same codes will allow visitors to choose a product in a specific size and have it sent to a fitting room.

All told, Amazon Style is about bringing the convenience of shopping online to a real-life browsing situation. And about making Amazon more money, of course.

Just like online shopping (kinda) — Much like its Amazon Fresh stores, Amazon’s first Style location seeks to replicate the ease with which customers can browse and purchase items on its website. Now that convenience extends to trying on clothes, too.


That’s the most promising convenience Amazon’s teased — just scan a QR code, select your size and style, and an unseen employee will collect it in a fitting room for you. The fitting room can be unlocked using your phone as well. If something you like doesn’t fit just right, you can request a different size via the included touchscreen panel.

This methodology also allows Amazon to stock significantly more brands and items on its racks for browsing. Only one of each needs to be kept out; the rest can just stay in the back, awaiting someone to summon it to a fitting room.

Eating ’til there’s nothing left — This is another full-circle moment for Amazon. The company has spent its entire lifetime disrupting the consumer shopping sector, to such an extent that brick-and-mortar establishments have shut down en masse. Now that much of the competition has been pushed out by its online sales, Amazon is stepping in (with its sizable pile of cash) to remake the retail experience in its own image.

Of course, there’s one convenience of online shopping Amazon hasn’t been able to reproduce here: Not having to leave your couch to complete an order. Call us when they manage that one.