Alpha Motor Company unveils sleek hybrid EV truck and camper

Alpha partnered with German outdoor specialists at Heimplanet for the seriously badass-looking WOLF+ ‘Cloudbreak’ attachment.

Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck already has some absolutely ridiculous, garish third-party mods available for pre-order to complement Elon Musk’s absolutely ridiculous, garish, Cybertruck, but new evidence has been making the strong argument that you don’t have to look like a total doofus in an EV truck.

Take relative newcomers to the EV market, Alpha Motor Company, which has officially unveiled its partnership with the German outdoor aficionados at Heimplanet for an electric truck-camper mashup that is everything Tesla’s polygonal nightmare is not. Everyone, feast your eyes on the Alpha WOLF+ and its accompanying Cloudbreak™ Geodisic Tent. Look upon Alpha’s work, ye Technoking, and despair.

Form finally meets function for EV trucks — Seriously, just look at this thing. It’s an actual truck, not some Cyberpunk 2077 design reject. Alpha’s Wolf and Wolf+ models are sleek and modern while simultaneously harkening back to classic truck designs akin to the Bronco, with minimalist interiors that look both spacious and functional, taking a tip from one of Tesla’s actually good ideas.

Meanwhile, Heimplanet’s Cloudbreak Geodisic camper tent attachment, made from “rip-resistant, high-density polyester” appears to provide an appropriately stylish, sensible, (relatively) straightforward shelter for your eco-friendly outdoor excursions. The Cloudbreak itself includes two separate entry points for entrance and exit purposes, and covers the Wolf+’s truck bed to provide a larger resting space.

Okay, now let’s see it in action — Alpha’s entire vehicle lineup design has been pretty impeccable so far (we see you, Ace PE), but that only gets us so far literally and figuratively unless we see the EVs in action. Alpha’s specs for the Wolf+ boast a battery range of 250-275+ miles, dual-motor 4WD and single motor RWD, a 0-60 mph acceleration of just under 6 seconds, and a towing capacity of around 3,050kg, but let’s see all that in action.

Vehicle reservations are currently open, although the earliest Alpha estimates their models hitting the roads will be sometime in 2023. The price tag hasn’t been announced yet, although the standalone Wolf+ will apparently set you back somewhere between $40-$48k. Patience (not to mention sound, responsible money management) is a virtue, we suppose.