To the Moon

Watch this GOP Rep suggest rerouting the moon to fight climate change

Help us we are trapped in Hell.

UNITED STATES - June 10: Rep. Louie Gohmert, D-Texas,  attends the House Judiciary Committee hearing...
Caroline Brehman/CQ-Roll Call, Inc./Getty Images

We don’t ask much of our readers, but please stop what you’re doing to watch the following clip of MAGA Muppet/GOP House Representative Louie Gohmert speaking during a House Natural Resources Committee meeting earlier this week. Go on, we’ll wait. It’s important.

Okay, so... that’s Gohmert seriously asking if the National Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management could just shove the moon over a few inches in its orbit to help combat climate change, right? Right?

We watched the video many times over at this point, hoping for some telltale sign of the asshat’s widely documented asshattery, but goddamn. That really is one of the nation’s premiere Trump sycophants and QAnon sympathizers genuinely curious about the possibility of altering at least one of the universe’s Four Fundamental Forces to save the planet from a fiery fate he and his climate change-denying goblin friends helped create.

Wonderful. Simply stunning.

‘Informed by’... Now to be fair, Gohmert prefaces his brainstorming session by citing NASA’s “immediate past director” as a source for the environmental proposal/convincing plot for a sci-fi action film starring Nic Cage that we’d probably watch. Surely, you can’t be a director of NASA without a solid head on your shoulders. Unless...

The plot thickens.Wikipedia

Oh. A former climate change denier appointed by Trump who had no prior experience in space exploration or environmental studies? Well, that tracks.

No further comment necessary — Despite the admirable job done by NFS associate deputy chief Jennifer Eberlien of not laughing the House member out of their Zoom session, other outlets (and anyone with a working knowledge of reality) have not been nearly as kind to Rep. Gohmert. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Gohmert’s office has yet to respond to a single request for comment or further clarification, and honestly, we hope they don’t.

This is what the GOP has to offer, and no amount of sugar coating or any attempt to play the whole thing off as a joke will hide the fact that a sitting member of the U.S. Congress truly has no working understanding of the world that is literally all around him. After we’re done roasting this dumbass, it’s important to remember that he (and a terrifying number of men just like him) are helping steer this ship. And it’s likely they have no clue how that ship even works.