CES 2022

CES 2022CES 2022CES 2022CES 2022CES 2022CES 2022CES 2022

This self-learning bionic hand gets better and better as you use it

Esper Bionics' smart prosthetic hand is ready for action after obtaining FDA approval last summer.

CES 2022 Vaporware Concepts

The 8 vaporware concepts we wish were real from CES 2022

Good or terrible, shipping today or never, the ideas keep us in awe and keep us dreaming of the future.

Best of CES 2022

Bugatti's first electric vehicle is a commuter scooter

It's not exactly high-powered. Pretty luxurious, though.

CES 2022

Noveto's 'invisible headphones' will make your roommates hate you less

Forget your earbuds or headphones, just jam out to your favorite playlist through the magic of soundwaves.

CES 2022

We found the must-have face mask for your next rave

The Qudi smart LED face mask can be programmed to show emotions like happiness, anger, shock, and even love. Its 199 LEDs also double as a music equalizer.

CES 2022

The 14 smart home devices we want badly from CES 2022

Whether you’re growing or just starting your smart home, CES 2022 previewed the future with several high-tech ways to improve your life at home.

Best of CES 2022

Mui's wooden 'Calm' hub is an Alexa stand-in that doesn't ruin your decor

This smart home hub is meant to make interacting with voice-assistants a more peaceful process.


Alienware’s 2022 m15 and m17 are gaming laptop chonkers

The first of the refreshed gaming laptops, the m15 with an Intel processor, will be out later this winter for $2,099.

CES 2022

The 7 most important TVs from CES 2022

From new QD-OLED, to the growth of Mini LED, here are the 2022 TVs you’ll actually want to buy from CES 2022.

Best of CES 2022

The 7 must-see monitors from CES 2022

From high-tech gaming monitors with tons of pixels and faster refresh rates to monitors for work, here are the best computer displays coming out this year.

Best of CES 2022

Acer’s new gaming laptops are chock-full of cutting-edge chips

The updated lineup will come with a couple next-gen chips, including AMD’s Ryzen 6000 series and Nvidia’s RTX 3080 Ti.


The most important gaming gear from CES 2022

From AMD and Nvidia GPUs to 12th Gen Intel chips to ridiculously cool monitors, CES 2022 put an impressive show for gamers.

Best of CES 2022

Razer quietly removed ‘N95-grade’ from its Zephyr masks' specs

Breaking news: you can't claim "N95-grade" without actual approval from regulatory agencies.


Razer’s Zephyr Pro has the voice amplifier missing on the original mask

Razer’s RGB and dual-fan-cooling air purifying mask is getting a “pro” upgrade with a feature that was supposed to launch on the original.

CES 2022

Anker’s Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K is its brightest portable projector yet

Pre-orders for the Cosmos Laser 4K will start January 11 on Kickstarter for $2,199.

CES 2022

The absolute best electric vehicles of CES 2022

CES 2022 saw loads of mobility companies and automakers roll out their vision of an electrified future.

Best of CES 2022