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All 20 Bethesda games on Xbox Game Pass, ranked worst to best

From Hell to Tamriel.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda gives Xbox Game Pass a great new selection of games from one of the best publishers around.

Here are all 20 new Bethesda games on Xbox Game Pass, ranked from worst to best.

20. The Evil Within

This survival horror game from the creator of Resident Evil comes with a first-person mode and other updates not present in the Steam version.

19. Doom 3

Doom 3 took the series in a horror-tinged direction with more focus on the story. Later sequels didn’t follow its path, but it’s an interesting detour nonetheless.

18. Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Youngblood falls well short of other modern Wolfenstein games, but it’s still a fun co-op adventure with two charming protagonists.

17. Fallout 76

Fallout 76 was a complete disaster at launch, but updates have added tons of great features and quests, making it worth a romp through the wasteland with friends.

16. Rage 2

Rage 2 is torn between being a grimdark post-apocalypse and a colorful explosion factory, leaving it mostly bland and forgettable. It does have some fun weapons and satisfying gunplay, though.

15. Doom

As one of the games that popularized the first person shooter, Doom is a bloody history lesson that’s well worth diving into, even if it’s archaic by today’s standards.

14. Doom 2

Doom 2 expands on the original with the same FPS action and more of everything else.

13. The Elder Scrolls Online

One of the best MMOs around lets players explore environments from across The Elder Scrolls series with thousands of other adventurers.

12. Doom 64

Doom 64 retains everything that made the original great, but with better graphics, smarter level design, and more fluid gameplay.

11. Fallout 4

The latest game in the long-running post-apocalyptic RPG series adds base building, but loses some of the quirky charm of earlier entries.

10. Doom Eternal

Like a playable heavy metal album cover mixed with a schlocky B movie, Doom Eternal is fast, bloody, and fun.

9. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Filled with potato-faced NPCs and crocodile demons, Oblivion occupies an awkward space between Skyrim’s polish and Morrowind’s oddness. Despite that, it’s an engrossing RPG.

8. Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 isn’t the revelation that the original was, but it’s still an excellent stealth game with tons of freedom in how to sneak or fight through its levels.

7. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

This standalone prequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order is a short but enjoyable trip to World War II to fight the Nazis as series star BJ Blazkowicz.

6. Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order updates the classic shooter to modern standards, complete with a surprisingly solid story and a likeable main character.

5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

One of the most popular games ever, Skyrim’s expansive world set a new standard for open-world RPGs, even if old-school Elder Scrolls fans find a few too many rough edges sanded off.

4. Prey

The sci-fi horror game Prey is something of a cult hit, giving immersive sim fans seemingly unlimited clever ways to progress.

3. Fallout: New Vegas

Widely considered the best of the series, Fallout: New Vegas’ great story is packed with memorable characters and branching paths.

2. Dishonored

Dishonored proves that rumors of the immersive sim’s death are greatly exaggerated. Its excellent level design rewards stealthy play, and a suite of supernatural abilities gives players plenty of options for every encounter.

1. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Sure, it’s muddy looking and janky as hell, but Morrowind is unmatched for sheer wonder and strangeness. Plus, you can abuse the spell creation system to fly across the map and fistfight a god.

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