Zotac’s VR backpack straps an entire gaming PC to your body

This is actually the fourth-generation of its VR Go backpack that untethers you from your desk for any VR application.

Wearable tech is getting pretty extreme. Zotac has released the fourth edition of its backpack computer that lets you run PC VR applications untethered from your desk. Instead of having to connect to your desktop PC, you can plug your VR headset into the VR Go 4.0 instead and have access to VR anywhere.

You can jump into virtual reality from anywhere with the VR Go 4.0.Zotac

Going off the design alone, it’s clearly meant for a more immersive VR gaming experience. There’s nothing stopping you from buying one for fun, but Zotac says there are practical applications like using it to simulate safety training programs, visualizing architectural renders, and even for therapy and rehab.

It’s definitely not the weirdest thing we’ve seen come out of the emerging VR world; we’ve already seen a Motorola necklace that tethers with lighter VR headsets, and some funky accessories, like the custom-built gas mask that can restrict your breathing.

Gearing up for VR — Zotac upgraded the fourth version of the VR Go with new hardware. Inside, there’s an Intel Core i7-11800H and an Nvidia RTX A4500 graphics card, which does hint that this is meant more for designers or creatives rather than for gamers. The VR Go 4.0 comes with 16GB of DDR4 RAM and a 512GB SSD, but you can upgrade both the storage and memory.

Zotac says you can get up to 50 minutes of runtime on the VR Go 4.0 with two hot-swappable 6,000mAh batteries. Having a whole entire mini-PC strapped to your back for nearly an hour sounds rough, but Zotac designed it with sweat-proof materials, and padded supports and straps. The VR Go 4.0 is also set back away from your back a little to allow for better airflow and thermals.

To make it easier to connect your VR headset, there are top- and side-loaded I/O ports, which include an HDMI port, two Display ports, and a bunch of USB ports. Of course, there’s RGB lighting on the outside.

There’s HDMI, Display Port and USB ports on both sides.Zotac

The price of portability — Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact price you have to pay, nor the release date, for the VR Go 4.0. Judging from the specs alone, this thing will easily be north of $2,500. There’s been a couple of companies to release something similar, like HP’s VR Backpack G2 and MSI’s VR One, with prices varying in the $2,000 to $3,000 range.

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