This YouTuber's DIY PS5 is impossibly thin

DIY Perks detailed his lengthy journey that ended with a custom PS5 that is a fraction of the size of the original.

DIY Perks / YouTube

Super slim

We’ve all seen the hilarious memes about the PS5 being an absolute unit. But we still haven’t gotten a slim version of the chonky console quite yet — at least not officially. Instead, YouTuber DIY Perks took matters into his own hands with a custom-built PS5 that’s less than two centimeters thick.

DIY Perks / YouTube

The fact that Playstation hasn’t released a slim version of the PS5 like it did with its previous consoles is part of what prompted DIY Perks to do it himself.

Thus began a long arduous journey of sawing, soldering, and basically designing a PS5 chassis from scratch.

DIY Perks / YouTube