Wallbox announces first bidirectional charger for the home

It's compatible with electric cars as well as solar and battery storage systems.

Wallbox has announced the first bidirectional charger designed specifically for homes. Utilizing a CHAdeMO connection, the Quasar will allow energy to flow to and from electric vehicles, and it’s also compatible with solar and battery storage systems. That gives consumers plenty of options for their energy: they can store it in case of a power outage or sell it back to utility companies when demand is high.

More features — The charger’s app allows users to manage their energy from their phones. This allows a limit to be set on how much energy can be taken from an electric vehicle. Facial recognition on the box itself also makes for ease of access and can open it up to use by friends or neighbors when nobody’s home.

Juice up — The Quasar is expected to launch this year in the United States for a price around $4,000, according to Electrek. It’s a steep price, but you’ll be able to chip back away it by selling back your energy.