VanMoof’s new $2,998 S5 and A5 e-bikes are tailor-made for first-time riders

The S5 and A5 models will start at $2,998, both featuring a new interface and improved anti-theft tech.

VanMoof, known for their simplistically sleek electric bicycles, revealed its next generation models that were designed to be even easier to ride. The trendy Dutch e-bike brand launched its refreshed S5 and a brand new A5 model, both of which will start at $2,998.

The price tag puts VanMoof’s new e-bikes firmly in the luxury category, and constitutes a notable jump up from last year’s S3 and X3 models that were priced at $1,998. For the premium, the S5 and A5 include a bunch of upgrades, including a new rider interface, revamped anti-theft tech, and a fifth-generation motor, battery and boost.

To make their e-bikes even more responsive, VanMoof designed a Halo Ring Interface onto the S5 and A5. The interface is integrated into the e-bikes’ handlebars and gives riders instant feedback on speed and battery levels.


Inclusive design — VanMoof updated its latest straight-frame model, the S5, with slightly smaller wheels, but has kept its high riding position designed for cruising. The brand new A5 model features an angled frame and a lowered step-in, however, making it easier to jump on and off. VanMoof’s previous X3 e-bike may have been designed for a wider range of riders, but Ties Carlier, co-founder at VanMoof, said that the A5 was their first “one-frame-fits-all” design.


VanMoof’s bikes are already designed for city use, but having the ability to easily hop on and off the A5 is a welcome addition to its city-friendly design. To make sure your e-bike doesn’t get stolen, VanMoof updated its anti-theft technology with a revamped in-wheel kick lock, a bigger pin and a new auto-retract function that can unlock itself automatically when you return to it. If you still get your e-bike stolen, VanMoof will send its global team of Bike Hunters to track down your bike, or replace it if they can’t retrieve it.

Carlier said that “only a handful of parts remain from our previous models,” adding that VanMoof updated everything from the frame down to the chips and sensors that power the e-bikes.

There’s a little more customizability with the new e-bikes as they have an option for a phone mount that offers a USB-C charging port, making for a discreet dashboard. The A5 even comes with cargo options where you can put baskets in the front and the back of the e-bike. Of course, the new VanMoof bikes still have their silent but powerful motor, long-range battery, and boost tech, which have all been updated to Gen 5.


Only gray available — VanMoof has already put the S5 and A5 up for sale worldwide on its website, but they’re only available in gray. The company is expecting to start deliveries in July and has a range of accessories, like an optional click-on external battery, expected to be available in summer 2022. If you’re looking for a faster alternative, VanMoof is also working on its VanMoof V that has a top speed of 31 mph that’s expected to be released by the end of the year.