TiVo app finally gets streaming over cellular seven years later


Number of years it took for the TiVo iOS app to get cellular support.

Bloomberg/Bloomberg/Getty Images

The decade is wrapping up and TiVo has decided to finally cross off cellular streaming on its to-do list. Seven years after the TiVo app for iOS was released, it will let users (you guys are still out there?) stream content over cellular data starting this week, according to Zatz Not Funny!. Previously, the app could only work on Wi-Fi.

There are people still using TiVo? — There's no shortage of streaming video services these days. Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, etc. — it's all very overwhelming. But apparently there are still TiVo users. Like a lot of them — about 22 million. Seven years is an eternity to not add streaming over cellular networks and it wouldn't surprise me if most TiVo app users them gave up on the possibility of the feature ever arriving. But it's coming and now you can watch TiVo video anywhere. Bless the engineers who can finally move on with their lives.