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This Turbo Air Fryer is a cooking game-changer, and it’s only $29 right now

Make things easier in the kitchen, and on your waistline!

Turbo Air Fryer

Forget the Instant Pot. Air fryers are all the rage lately. You probably have that one friend that won't shut up about theirs — like me! And if you've been waiting for a solid deal to join the air fryer crowd, we have you covered.

Typically, the Chefman Turbo Air Fryer is $60 because it's a bigger 3.7-qt machine, not to mention faster than most on the market, which is why it's so highly-rated. That's a solid deal for a fryer this size, but Best Buy took things a step further and knocked 50 percent off the price down to $29. At that price, there's no reason why this cooking game-changer shouldn't be in your cart ASAP.

How does an air fryer work? — In case you're wondering, air fryers don't actually deep fry. Instead, you use a fraction of the oil, and the machine blows hot oily air around your food. The result is deliciously crisp meals with about 70-80 percent fewer calories.


And that, ladies and gentleman, is why you'll want one. It makes cooking and frying foods super easy. Or, it allows you to actually try new things and make wings, fries, or donuts in your own kitchen. I'm talking about fries that aren't gross and soggy. Seriously, an air fryer will really step up your kitchen game.

With a 3.7qt/3.5L basket that can hold up to 15 cups, you can fry up a variety of yummy things. Even if you already have a small 1qt fryer that you love, this thing has a far bigger basket that opens up your options to tons of additional items, instead of just french fries or the occasional small appetizer. I have one this size, and I throw 1/2 racks of ribs inside or enough chicken wings for game day.

Also worth mentioning: The Chefman Turbo has a dishwasher-safe basket, integrated timer, large cooking capacity, and an adjustable thermostat — all in a counter-friendly 12 x 12 inch package. You'll thank me later.

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