This Mickey Mouse Amazon Echo Wall Clock just sold me on a wall clock in 2019

There goes $50.

Who buys a wall clock in 2019? I just bought one and so did Input special projects editor Ryan Houlihan. Specifically, Amazon's Mickey Mouse Edition Echo Wall Clock. Look at it! It's retro beautiful. Just like that Amazon took my money... again.

The $50 Mickey Mouse Edition Clock has the one and only iconic Disney mascot with gloved hands in place of the hour and minute hands. If you don't know how to read an analog clock, it's never too late to learn. Like the regular Echo Wall Clock, the time is automatically synced so you never have to set it back or wind it forward for daylight saving time.

Key features — The clock has a 10-inch diameter, metal case, and uses four AA batteries (included). It comes with 60 LEDs for setting single or multiple timers; it requires a compatible Echo (Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Show 5, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Echo Input, Echo Studio, or Echo Flex) for this feature to work.