Rise and grind

This alarm clock coffee maker hybrid is so unnecessary and so cool

Joy Resolve unleashes the Barisieur Immersion Edition.

For the laziest among us, making coffee in the morning can provide a dilemma: you need to wake up to make it, but you also need it to wake up. It's a real catch-22 and in fact, one I've been grappling with all day as I've been working in bed for hours. That's why this hybrid alarm clock and coffee maker hits.

Joy Release has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the 2.0 version of its Barisieur, which automatically begins making coffee at the instant you shut off your alarm. The new Immersion Edition adds immersion brewing, along with an optional wireless charging pad and the ability to make multiple cups at once. It's completely unnecessary and so totally cool. I do not need it, but I absolutely want it.

All the features — Like the original version, which retails for $495, the Barisieur 2.0 comes with a smart milk cooler and storage bin for coffee grounds. Just set up the ingredients the night before, and it'll automatically begin brewing coffee after bringing water to a boil in just three minutes. A sensor in the heating unit can detect temperature and automatically shut off when it hits the boiling point.

Joy Resolve

The most significant upgrade is immersion brewing, which produces richer coffee and a more even extraction than your standard method. This function also means it can be used to brew tea, and the addition of a wireless charger turns this two-in-one gadget into three-in-one.

Like the pour over version, it uses a reusable mesh filter instead of paper ones that need to be discarded. It also comes in black with walnut wood or white with blond, both of which are tasteful and would look great on any nightstand.

Joy Resolve

Buy in early and buy in cheap — The Barisieur Immersion Edition is already well past its $12,000 goal on Kickstarter — it hit the mark in just three hours — but you can still make a pledge to get one on the cheap. The Super Early Bird package is just $245, well short of the $495 retail. To get the wireless charger, the pledge jumps up to $317, which is still a great deal. Less than 50 spots for each are left, however, so you may want to jump on it soon. Delivery is slated for September, meaning your investment won't take too long to pay off.

Yes, it's all exorbitant, but it'll spare you precious minutes in the morning — and more importantly, the fortitude required to get out of bed.