These are Segway-Ninebot’s new two-wheelers

Where we’re going, we’re going to need helmets.


Segway-Ninebot, the maker of mall security guards’ preferred mode of transport the world over, and the as-ridiculous-as-they-are-fun Drift W1 electric skates, has unveiled four new categories of two-wheelers ahead of CES next month: electric motorcycles, eScooters, and eMopeds.

The speediest and most attractive of the bunch is a concept electric motorcycle called the Apex. It’ll rocket riders from 0 - 37 MPH in 3.2 seconds, and tops out at 125 mph. The most innovative? The eScooter that Engadget says packs the company’s self-balancing tech and can be controlled remotely with a smartphone app.

Easy rider — It’s the eMoped and eScooter lines we’re likely to see the most of when they go on sale sometime next year (pricing and availability are yet to be confirmed). They’ll be the most affordable, and the most likely to be added to the fleets of the on-demand vehicle services duking it out across the U.S.

The eMoped can be unlocked with NFC, there’s storage space for one helmet (or a helmet-sized bag when you’re wearing the helmet – you do wear helmets, right?) and the fanciest model is powered by a 24 Ah cell has a range of up to 46 miles.


Scoot over, please — The eScooter, meanwhile, comes in five models, with the peppiest of the lot — the E200P — rated for up to 124 miles to a charge of its 54A h battery, capable of up to 62 mph, and which accelerates from a standstill to 24 mph in four seconds.

As with Ninebot-Segway’s monowheels and so-called hoverboards, users can monitor their vehicles via a smartphone app. We’ll have to wait to kick the tires until CES next month. Before then, we better find our helmets and dust them off.