Therabody now has a massage gun that vibrates your face

The TheraFace Pro was designed with a much softer amplitude so you can use it to clean and rejuvenate your skin.


Apparently, you’re not the only one who has thought about massaging away that killer migraine. Therabody’s latest massage gun that was designed specifically for your face — the newly-released TheraFace Pro is a way-less intense version of the popular Theragun massage devices and can do everything from relieving facial tension to cleaning and toning your skin.

Therabody says its TheraFace Pro was inspired by people who say they’ve used Theraguns on their face. While the company doesn’t actually recommend doing this, anecdotes suggested a clear demand for the use case, so the engineering and product teams got to work. Benjamin Nazarian, CEO of Therabody, says in a press release that the device took them two years to develop.

Magnetic attachments — The TheraFace Pro can only hit a 3 mm amplitude, compared to the Theragun’s 16 mm amplitude, making for a far more gentle percussion. There’s six modes on the TheraFace Pro but you can combine certain attachments for more specific face care routines.


The percussive facial therapy mode is just like it sounds, a massage gun mode for your face. The TheraFace Pro will have three tips for percussion, a flat one for general use, a cone-shaped tip for sensitive areas, and a micropoint tip for larger areas. You can also do light therapy for your face with three different light attachments, including a red one for reducing wrinkles, a blue one to reduce mild or moderate acne, and an infrared light to reduce pain.

The TheraFace Pro’s microcurrent attachment sends low levels of electrical currents to your face that are supposed to tighten your skin and improve muscle tone. And the deep cleansing mode combines a cleaning head with percussion to remove any dirt, oil or debris buildup. Lastly, the hot and cold rings help your skin absorb creams or reduce face puffiness.


The TheraFace Pro has been cleared by the FDA, but not approved yet. On their own, Therabody conducted a clinical study with 35 participants with different skin types, where a majority of them reported improvements in their skin after a 12-week program.

Available now — The TheraFace Pro is going for $399 on Therabody’s website and comes in black or white. If you want the hot and cold ring attachments, they cost $99 extra. The TheraFace Pro will also be available at physical retailers like Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Dillard’s, Best Buy, and Target in the U.S.


The price tag shouldn’t be much of a surprise since it’s coming from Therabody. You’re definitely paying a little more for the brand name here, but the Theraguns often has better sound insulation, longer battery life and a decent warranty compared to its knockoffs. If you’re not willing to shell out that much money, I’m sure there will be dozens of knockoffs on Amazon in due time.