The first electric Cadillac is coming in April

The midsize crossover doesn’t have a name yet, but the company sure uses the word 'Vanguard' a lot.

GM’s first all-electric Cadillac will be unveiled in April according to the company’s president, Steve Carlisle. Carlisle made the announcement at the National Auto Dealer Association Convention on Monday and told Automotive News the company is focused on shifting away from combustion engines. "We enter this decade as an internal combustion engine brand. We want to position ourselves to exit as a battery-electric brand," Carlisle said.

No name for the newcomer — Cadillac first announced it had an EV crossover in the works last January when it unveiled its XT6 crossover. The forthcoming electrified crossover will be the first to use GM’s new EV-focused platform and “will be at the vanguard of the company’s move toward an all-electric future.”

Aside from a wholly forgettable and only released-in-Japan Toyota from the mid-2000s called the Vanguard, and a mobster-esque, British, mid-century saloon of the same name, there aren’t any others we can find. So we’d like to propose Cadillac goes all in and just calls the zero-emissions crossover upon which it’s pinning its hopes the Cadillac Vanguard, especially now that it’s committed to using names for its cars again.

A car has no name.Cadillac

Going fully electric by 2030 — Cadillac has previously said most if not all of its vehicles will be electric by 2030. To hit that target, it’s going to have to figure out how to cost-effectively manage a transition period where it has to produce and maintain both internal combustion and electric vehicles.

We’re definitely keener on an electric Cabby crossover than the other GM electric vehicle we’ve seen teased: the all-electric Hummer, which has the same sexless aesthetic as California’s recently procured electric fire truck, but without the life-saving utility. Our real electric dream, though, is to go for an off-road bike ride on a Jeep with Bill Murray. Sorry, Cadillac.