Teenage Engineering’s $1,200 field mixer puts a studio in your pocket

The ultra-portable TX-6 field mixer gives you everything you need to make music from anywhere, but will run you $1,199.

Small but mighty: That’s how best to describe Teenage Engineering’s latest audio product, the TX-6, a compact field mixer that fits in the palm of your hand. It doesn’t look like a very practical inclusion in your home studio setup, but Teenage Engineering was looking to emphasize portability.

Teenage Engineering

It’s clear that Teenage Engineering was targeting this mixer for those who like to make music on the go. Instead of having to run back to the studio, the TX-6 lets you get right into mixing music.

Expensive engineering — Before we get into all the features, just know that this thing costs $1,199. That’s absurdly expensive compared to some other mixers with a similar form factor that go for a fraction of the price. But you’re paying for the Teenage Engineering brand name here and you have to admit that the design looks super clean.

The TX-6 was built with six stereo input channels, which is still a good amount of channels considering its size. You can do three-band EQ with each channel or customize each knob to whatever setting you want. The TX-6 also has a built-in equalizer, filters, compressors, and eight digital effects.

Teenage Engineering included as many features as they could into the TX-6, which doubles as a multi-functional USB-C audio interface, a portable synthesizer and sequencer, and a DJ mixer that turns channel one into a fader for crossfading between channels five and six. The TX-6 even has an instrument tuner and a sound generator with four waveforms and four drum machine sounds.

Teenage Engineering

In terms of compatibility, Teenage Engineering built the TX-6 with a 3.5mm mini jack and included a removable 6.35mm jack adapter. The mixer can be connected to any Apple device with its MFi compatibility and has built-in Bluetooth. The TX-6 runs on a rechargeable battery that should gives you about eight hours of use.

Focusing on form — Despite the high price, the TX-6 looks tempting with its attractive design, just like the Swedish company’s other audio products. Most recently, the company worked with beloved fashion company Off-White to put out a custom OB-4 loudspeaker dedicated to the late Virgil Abloh.

Unlike the loudspeaker, Teenage Engineering released its TX-6 as the first product in its “field system” family of products that focus on “portability, compatibility and durability.” The company said they’re planning to release more devices and accessories with those principles in mind in the future.