CES 2021

TCL made a friggin' smart scroll because that's exactly what this is

Jesus himself would absolutely pull up Google Maps on this thing.

It wouldn't be a CES without prototypes and vaporware. And man, do I love an eye-catching concept device that screams sci-fi and nothing more. Like this OLED Scrolling Display that TCL's just unveiled. It's a friggin' display that rolls open and closed from two mechanical rods.

I dub it the Smart Scroll! Everyone's out here with rollable displays when they should all be thinking bigger like TCL with a Smart Scroll. Foldable phones, swivel-ables, and whatnots have nothing on this holy smart device. Jesus himself would absolutely pull up Google Maps on this thing.

In a video shared by TCL Senior Manager of Communications Brad Molen, we learn the scrolling display measures 17 inches and is only 0.18mm thick. Cut to a shot of an outdoorsman dude in the woods pulling out his digital scroll from his backpack and getting a very realistic reading on the landscaping. Navigation! Next shot: He video calls with someone using wireless earbuds. Futuristic!

In all seriousness, this looks pretty cool. It's a far-flung idea and I welcome the innovation because I thoroughly enjoy watching concept devices become reality. But also: wake me up when I can buy it. I guess if you want something more real, TCL's also got the NXTPAPER, its half e-reader, half full-color tablet.