Tag Heuer’s new golf-centric smartwatch is like having a virtual caddy

Paired with Tag Heuer’s golf app, the Connected Calibre E4 Golf Edition gives you the data you need to improve your game.

Tag Heuer

A watch isn’t going to automatically take off strokes from your golf game, but it may have the tools to help you do so. Tag Heuer released the Golf Edition of its Connected Calibre E4 for those who are looking for a smartwatch that can help them golf better.

The smartwatch is clearly designed for golfers, with its dimpled white watch band that resembles a golf ball. If that’s too on the nose, you can just switch to a more discreet black band. Tag Heuer also includes a built-in ball marker that slots right into the strap’s buckle so you always have a convenient way to keep track of your balls on the green.

Tag Heuer

But really, all the important features are found inside the golf-centric smartwatch, like its shot tracker and its database of 2D maps including 40,000 golf courses across the world. The true potential of the Golf Edition smartwatch is fully unlocked when paired with Tag Heuer’s golf app that’s available in the App Store and Googe Play Store.

Tracking shots and stats — If the Connected Calibre E4 Golf Edition looks familiar, it’s because Tag Heuer previously released a Golf Edition of its last-gen Calibre E3 smartwatch. As for the latest model, it’s pretty much a re-skinned version of the Connected Calibre E4 that was released in February.

Tag Heuer

More specifically, the Golf Edition takes on the 45mm model so it has a 1.39-inch LED display with a 454 x 454 resolution, all housed in a titanium case. The golf variant has all the features of Tag Heuer’s smartwatches like a heart rate tracker, phone alerts, music control, GPS and accelerometer, and more.

The true draw for the Golf Edition is the detailed data you can get when you pair it with the Tag Heuer golf app. Used in tandem, you can get 3D models of your shots with the Driving Zone feature that accurately shows you where your shots land. The app can even recommend which club you should use, just as a real caddy would, and can keep track of scores with a digital scorecard or create a log of your personal statistics.

Tag Heuer

An expensive sport — The Golf Edition smartwatch is already available for purchase on the Tag Heuer website and costs $2,650. The smartwatch is certainly no replacement for practice, but is aimed at those looking for an easy way to gather data that can help them improve their game. Still, it’s a steep price to pay for a smartwatch, but I’m sure golfers have paid way more money in their desperate attempts to get a few strokes off their game.