Super73’s collab with Topgolf is the perfect e-bike for your dad

This e-bike can easily switch between being your daily commuter and your golf caddy with its golf bag carrier, golf-ball shaped speaker, and cooler.

Topgolf SUPER73-S2

The drab design of golf carts over the decades has really overstayed its welcome. They’re functional, but boring and very... beige.

A new collaboration between Super73’s e-bike and Topgolf, however, is designed to get you around the course with panache.


The Topgolf Super73-S2 is really just a reskin of the company’s S2 model, which can hit up to 28 mph with its 960Wh battery and all-terrain tires.

Super73 said they drew inspiration from traditional golf carts that you see on basically all golf courses — but thankfully they only adopted the functional elements and retained their impeccable sense of design.